Burwood Park is located close to Walton-on Thames main line station and covers 350 acres with over 6 miles of road. It has 384 private freehold properties with several protected woodland areas and two lakes. Security in the Park is maintained by ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) at the main entrance and CCTV at the three restricted gate entrances, which are accessed by resident only tags.

In 2020 a Park Warden will patrol the Park and a Security Hut will be installed at the main entrance.

Park Ownership

The common land and the Covenants of the Park are currently owned by Burhill Estates Company Ltd (BECL) a subsidiary of Burhill Group Ltd (BGL) who own and operate the nearby Burhill Golf Club.

In early 2020 the ownership of Burwood Park will transfer to BPRL and the property owners will take control of the Park’s maintenance and future. BPRL is owned by its shareholders. Each property owner is entitled to hold a £1 share in BPRL and all except 18 owners are registered shareholders.

Non-Shareholders and Shareholders who have not paid their Annual Service Charge Fee will have no voting rights on BPRL's activity and policies

BPRL Management

BPRL is currently run by a Committee elected by shareholders on an annual basis. Three of the Committee Members are registered at Companies House as Directors.

Chairman – John Bamsey

Treasurer – Julian Gover

Director and Committee Member – Chris Wright

Committee – Will Bland, Olga Denyer, Mike Reed, Martin Harvey

All positions are voluntary and unpaid.

Post the ownership transfer the Committee will become a formal Board of Directors, with a Chairman, Treasurer and up to six other Directors.  The Board will be elected at the March 2020 EGM.

The Articles of Association determine the governance of BPRL

On an annual basis there is an AGM in June and an EGM in November, with the latter being used to agree the budget and plans for the year ahead.

BPRL operates two sub groups – Neighbourhood Watch and a Landscaping Group ….details can be found in the Owners Section.

Managing Agent

Since 2014 BPRL has employed the services of a Managing Agent – GCS Property Management Ltd, led by Greg Smyth its Managing Director. The Managing Agent manages the day to day affairs of BPRL reporting to the Chairman and the Committee.

Annual Fees and Charges 

The following information can be found in the Owner’s Section…. 

  • About BPRL - covers the Articles of Association, which include shareholder voting rights and the nominations process for Directors
  • Financials – covers the Annual Service Charge Fee arrangements, which is mandatory for shareholders and those who have signed the Deed of Covenant; the discount on the annual Service Charge Fee that those who have signed the Deed of Covenant will receive between 2020 and 2024; current budgets and forecasts
  • Covenants and Policies – details on the existing Covenants, the new Deed of Covenant and Policies that have been approved by Shareholders for adoption in 2020. This includes the Development and Extension Approval Process and Rate Card
  • Communication – previous AGM and EGM information along with copies of recent Newsletters
  • Administration – BPRL Forms, Gate Tag administration and information on what to do when selling a house on the Park